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Friday, June 25, 2010

Look What I Can Do

Dylan has learned so many new tricks recently, I thought I'd share. Sadly, most of these are bad pictures, but they'll have to do to preserve the memories.

Dylan has recently discovered that he can spit baby food at me while I try to feed him. The first few times, I couldn't help but laugh which -- of course -- only encouraged him. He's learned that he can do things to make Mommy smile, and when he discovers a new way, he just keeps doing it. Now when I feed him, I have to do it with a completely straight face. If I crack even a hint of a smile, he spits at me.

In another attempt to make Mommy smile, Dylan started slobbering all over my face, somewhat reminiscent of a really bad kiss. I had Kirk grab the camera, and despite the horrible graininess of this picture, I was thrilled that Kirk happened to catch Dylan giving Mommy some full on lip action. I look pretty uncomfortable because I was making sure my lips didn't purse in the slightest or else I'd have gotten a mouthful of slobber. Apparently this is what laughing hysterically with your lips sealed tightly looks like. **Photog friends... any tips for "fixing" this picture?

He's not too happy about this trick, but he can't seem to keep himself from doing it. After every nap, he scoots over to the corner of the crib and pulls himself up. Then he screams because he doesn't know how to get back down. I don't know why he's partial to this particular corner, but that is where we always find him.

I love this picture because it is classic Dylan. When he gets excited, he buries his head in whatever is closest. Usually, that is Mommy's shoulder. This time, though, I had grabbed the camera to try to capture a new trick he was working on. He got so excited to see the camera that he just had to bury his face. In the couch. And I happened to snap a pic at just the right time! Silly baby.

When Daddy looked at Dylan and made an oinking sound, Dylan tried to replicate it. The best he could manage what a phleghmy (yeah, that's totally a word) sort of "kh" sound.

Blurry picture, but it's the best I could do. Apparently trying to take a picture of a baby and a dog is somewhat difficult. The worst part is I didn't even get the picture I wanted but this one will have to do. Dylan was playing on the couch when Sadie hopped up and flopped her toy down in front of him. She then looked at him like, "C'mon... aren't you going to play with me?" She has never shown the slightest interest in the baby. In fact, she has heretofore ignored him at all costs, even getting down from the couch when we lay the baby there. Apparently now that he is getting more mobile, Sadie thinks he has become a worthy playmate. After awhile, Dylan did actually pick up Sadie's toy, and they played a very brief round of tug-of-war. (Dylan's coordination and strength aren't quite ready to battle the dog yet.) I tried to reenact the scene, but Dylan just wanted to pose for the camera, and Sadie just wanted to take her toy to play somewhere else.

And a reward for making it this far: LOOK WHAT I CAN DO