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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Shark in Bed

A while back, I offered to trade people services for digital scrapbooking. (BTW, that offer still stands, and I'd specifically love to trade for babysitting, hair cuts, nails, and mudding/taping my basement.) One friend offered to paint Alex's bedroom in exchange for a wedding album for her daughter. Here are the amazing results:

You can also watch Alex seeing his newly painted room for the first time. (Loretta came and painted while we were in Idaho so it was a complete surprise.)
So far, he LOVES his new room, and I am looking forward to actually decorating it. The only problem came on his first night sleeping in it. He came upstairs in tears and explained, "Mom... I saw a shark in my bed!"


Fountaine's said...

Soooo, did Dylan fall off the bed?

Fountaine's said...
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coryshay said...

Wow! That is amazing! That was a great trade!

Sarah said...

AMAZING artwork. Yep. Great trade!

(and, did the babe fall??)