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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After 3 days in Garden Valley, Idaho and 3 days in Lava Hot Springs, I am home for a brief layover before my next adventure. This month, home has been nothing more than a place to clean the laundry and pack up again, and I have had a blast! Here is what will hopefully be quick highlights of our adventures:

Shown: Me jumping off the 30-feet-high platform at Lava Hot Springs.  Not only did I do it once, I did it TWICE!
Not shown: Me white water rafting on the South Fork of the Payette River and jumping off a huge rock into churning rapids

We are constantly amazed at Adam's increasing willingness to try new things!  As he came out of the tube from his first waterslide at Lava, he looked at me with a pale face, and I thought he was about to cry.  Instead, he exclaimed, "That. Was. AWESOME!  Let's do it again!"

Not Shown: Taelin - hopefully I'll have a cute picture soon of one-year-old Taelin climbing up on Dylan's lap to give him a hug.

Not Shown: Dylan on G.Gpa's lap, chewing on the straw of his Pepsi.  When I told Grandpa it was a good thing Dylan couldn't use a straw, he started teasing me.  "Oh, you young mothers who won't let your kids have candy or soda..."  Nope, Grandpa... I'm not anti-candy or anti-soda... just anti-caffeinated-babies.

The river was pretty cold, but Dylan insisted on being down in it.  If I held him up out of the water, he would cry.
Adam does this thing now where he turns his hat inside out and then wears it.  I thought maybe Kirk had taught him to do it, but he seems to have invented his own little style.


We took the kids to the drive in and they were jamming to the music before it started.  Worth watching!


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