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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Did You Learn Today in Primary

If somebody routinely asked me, "What did you learn today in Sacrament Meeting," (as I routinely quiz my kids about primary/nursery each week) it's quite likely I'd respond the same way Adam does each week. 

Me: How was Primary today?
Adam: Good
Me: Really?  What did you learn?
Adam: I don't really remember.

Thankfully, as a current primary teacher, I happen to know exactly what was taught each week, and with the correct leading questions, I can always get him to regurgitate something from the lesson. 

Me: Did you maybe talk about any animals?
Adam: Oh yeah... it was something about sheep.

Since to me a successful Sacrament Meeting is one in which Adam keeps his constant talking to a dull roar, Alex manages not to scream at Adam for some minor infraction, and I leave with only marginal amounts of spit-up stains all over my dress, it's no suprise that if asked what I learned, my answer would generally be, "I don't really remember."  Sadly, it takes a really captivating speaker to get me to even look in the general direction of the podium.

Well, there was that one week where the speaker brought a piece of strawberry shortcake and placed it on the podium just to get people to look in that direction. 

Today, I actually came home from church feeling refreshed.  Rejuvenated.  Renewed.  And I'm convinced it's because the new couple in our ward that spoke today was exactly what I needed.  Captivating.  Confident.  Listening to the wife speak was almost like music as her voice rose and fell naturally as she passionately expounded on her topic.  Listening to the husband was easy because he approached the pulpit with such honesty. 

Still, what did I learn today in Sacrament Meeting?

Hm.  I really don't remember.

It was something about the Title of Liberty.


Kris said...

I'm actually the same way when it comes to sacrament meeting and it's gotten worse since having kids.