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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy Payday

I honestly just couldn't be more proud of this guy.  This is the second talk he's given in Primary, and when I planned it out last week, I was worried maybe it was a bit too much to expect.  I figured I could always shorten it if he was having a hard time with the memorization.  As always, Adam made me wonder why I ever doubted.

I set out to have him memorize, word-for-word, the clever words I'd come up with in perfect meter.  He found ways to "make it his own," though, and perfect meter went out the window.  My "Jesus's disciples sailed..." became his "Jesus's disciples took their boats out ..."  I guess that was easier to remember.  I tried to be patient and only insisted on complete accuracy on names and rhyming words.  He may have tried to turn, "Jared's brother built a boat and needed light to see," into "...and needed light to look," but I insisted we keep the "see" to rhyme with "me."

As he stood up at the primary pulpit to deliver his talk, I reminded him not to let his lips touch the microphone.  (His last talk was delivered at such a high decibel that no one really understood a word.)  Although he stayed back a little further, he compensated with excellent projection.  I'm pretty sure we should have just skipped the microphone.  Oh well.  The message was received, and the Primary President liked it so much, she asked Adam if he'd be willing to give his talk again as part of the primary program next month.  After asking if "everyone will see it," he agreed.

Once home, I wanted to be able to share his success with my sister in Georgia.  He repeated the talk, still in Sunday attire, this time in front of the video camera.  This post is mostly for Aunt Lisa and for the Great Grandparents in Idaho and Arizona, but I'm hoping the rest of you enjoy it as well.

Probably just as big of a payday was when Alex, who has heard brother practicing all week, looked up for three seconds of Sacrament Meeting when he heard the speaker mention Moses.

"Moses?" he said as he looked at me inquisitively, then went directly back to his coloring.  But a seed has been planted.


Rebecca and Nick said...

He did so great, and is so cute! What a smart guy. I really like that talk, I might need a copy of it sometime! I know how you feel about mommy payday. Owen said his one sentence line at the pulpit today for the primary program, just perfectly!

Evette Mendisabal said...

It was AWESOME in primary too. I was so touched by the spirit by listening to his talk. You both did a FANTASTIC job. Thanks for sharing your talents with us in another way Andrea, you're an inspiration.

The Fife's said...

That is definitely something to be proud of. Great job Adam!!