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Friday, August 6, 2010

Roommie Reunion

When I attended Utah State University, I had yet to discovers the wonders of superfluous picture taking, which means if I want to post a picture of my freshman roommates, I have two options.  Option 1 features 5 of us (missing Cari) apparently all laying on the floor.  I do not remember participating in this picture!  Option 2 features 5 of us (missing Anne-Marie) in our bathing suits at Crystal Hot Springs.  I chose Option 1, and  you can all thank me later!

Although I follow all their blogs, I haven't seen any of these girls in person in 10 years (with the brief exception of buying a car from Sarah).  Amazingly all but one of us (plus a bonus friend from across the hall) live within a 2 hour drive, so when Sarah acted as ringleader for what was hopefully the first of many roommie reunions, we were able to meet at the South Ogden Nature Park for an afternoon of fun.   

I should have taken pictures of the the kids playing and having a great time.  I didn't.  They did.  My kids having a great time wasn't really the picture-worthy, blog-worthy moment of the day.

That honor goes to this right here.  Not so much to the picture, although it is fine.  The honor goes to the moment.  It goes to the fact that in 10 years, six girls from Reeder Hall (ok.... and their husbands) created all this (3 kids missing from the picture, btw).  It goes to the fact that six girls rounded up their progeny and showed up in the same place to actually take a picture like this.  It goes to the fact that neither baby-holding five-year-old dropped their precious cargo. 

Yep, this moment gets the prize.


Sarah said...

LOVE IT! Especially love the last paragraph! I literally teared up a bit as I saw the picture of the kids scroll into view.

So glad that we all eventually found the park today, and were able to reconnect beyond blogs. Thanks for coming. Who could have predicted such a moment ten years ago?!

I'll gladly be ringleader again - sooner than later. And...THANK YOU for opting for college picture #1. :)

Kristen Kane said...

Holy cow! That's a pretty amazing pic! I didn't know you went to USU...maybe I did and I'm just retarded. I wonder if I could ever get my roomies together... that would be so fun!

Evette Mendisabal said...

That's VERY cool! Such a great idea to be able to get together like that. I hope you get the chance to do it again soon ... who knows how many other little people will be added into the mix!

I'm the only one of my roomies with kids, wouldn't be much fun for my kiddo's at my roomie reunion.