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Friday, November 19, 2010

Claim to Fame

When I was a kid, my uncle was the Vice President of Arctic Circle. 

Yes.  I know.

Practically celebrity.

That meant cool things for me, like knowing his signature was at the bottom of the coupons they passed out in schools.

It also meant I got to be in a few commercials.

I got paid in hamburgers and Easter dresses, which was just fine for a 8 to 10 year old (these commercials were from 1989 to 1991).  I also got recognized. 

"Wow, you look just like the girl in the Arctic Circle commercials," a schoolmate said to me.

"I am the girl in the Arctic Circle commercials," I informed him, dripping with an obviously tone.

Unfortunately they started hiring different kids around the time of those slap-on watches that eventually got banned from schools.  Remember those?

Anyway, it seemed my fifteen minutes of fame were over.

But were they truly?

Nope, because hidden away in the archives of my mom's basement, I found the videotaped commercials.  The studio had provided each participant with their own copy.  Fancy, right?

I played them using my mom's VCR, since she still has one of those -- I don't -- and recorded them with my camera.  Uploaded to YouTube, a tiny bit of editing to put them all together, and here you have it:

My fifteen minutes revisited.  I hope you enjoy my classically crimped hair in the first video and my rockin' side-part-pony on the last.


Kris said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Christopher said...

Holy cow. Kris just showed me this. I remember those commercials!!! Too funny.

coryshay said...

Love it!

Amy Dayton said...

I totally remember the square pumpkin commercials- if only I knew you back then, I would be bragging all over school :)

Kenedijs said...

I have a VHS to digital converter if you'd like to borrow it......