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Sunday, November 21, 2010

It All Started...

...when I drove past a yard sale last Saturday.  This awesome bunk bed caught my eye, and I had to have it for Alex's room.  I mean, if your little boy has an ocean themed room, and you happen across a ship bunk bed, you have to have it!

As always, I was in a hurry, so I called Kirk.

"Um, honey, if you walk across the street, you'll see a yard sale.  They have this awesome bunk bed.  Can you go see how much they want for it?"

He texted me, "$20."

"Buy it."

Turns out that in order for this awesome bunk bed to achieve it's full potential, it would need to be stripped and repainted.

No problem. 

I thought my little project would take me the better part of an afternoon.


It took me three trips to Lowes, about $75, and the better part of a week.

There were times - many times - I regretted even starting the project.

But I finished it, and now Alex has an awesome bunk bed to go in his already awesome room.  And I'll have a memory to keep in my back pocket for the next time I see something awesome at a yard sale.



Case Family said...

I love that bunk bed that is really awesome it really brings the rome together.

Sarah said...

That is an AWESOME bed. I've never seen one like it.
Now at the end of it, I think it was definately worth the time put into it.

Loretta said...

that is totally the coolest bed! looks great:) yep, love those projects that you think will only take a day or two and end up 3 weeks! (in my experience, anyway)

Rebecca and Nick said...

okay, I think that was well worth the time and money spent on it, and even more. It is sooo cool!!!