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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Avoiding the Evidence

Adam has his own camera.  It's a hand-me-down from me, and in its day, it wasn't half bad.  He recently discovered he has the ability to shoot video, and his world has changed forever.

The video fills up his SD card a lot faster, though, so he came to me recently to dump the card for him.

"But Mom, can you please just take off the pictures, not the videos?" he asked.

I told him I was going to put everything on my computer, including the videos, so he'd have all the room on the card.

"Oh, but Mom, can you please not watch the videos.  They're just for me an' Alex."

Sidenote:  Whenever he says "me and Alex," I chuckle to myself because it sounds like he is saying "mean Alex."

I thought it was a weird request, so I followed up with, "As the mom, I get to watch anything you recorded.  They aren't just for you and Alex."  His brow furrowed a bit with concern, so I figured I'd better continue.  "Is there anything you'd like to tell me about the videos before I watch them?"


"Well, 'mean Alex' just wanted to shake our bums... well, we really weren't shaking our bums, we just wanted to wiggle our hips, and that made our bums shake, and well, that's on the video."

I assured him I wasn't concerned about a little bum shaking, but that if he was ever worried about what mom might think about something, that usually means it's not a good idea to do that thing.

Then we watched the videos. 

And laughed.

I'm glad I put all his pictures on the computer, because I'm working on his 5 year old scrapbook right now, and I need to do a big section on his photography.  I always love to watch the year in review from his eyes.  I love ALL the pictures, so I need some help to decide which will get prime placement.  Please vote for your favorite of the following:

Wheeler Farm Pond

Aunt Heather and Baby Dylan

Bright Blue Eyes!

Alex's Reflection in a Dusty Laptop


Dylan's Favorite Birthday Gift

Dylan's Birthday Cupcakes

Mom's Music

Self Portrait

Contemplating Bubbles


Rebecca and Nick said...

hahaha, okay I found the shaking bums. Disregard my facebook question. So funny.

Case Family said...

I vote for the one of Dylan and I also could you please send me a copy of that picture.