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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Letters

Dear Winco,

Although parking spaces, carts, and elbow room were in short supply today, you did not run out of any of your advertised specials.  I am impressed.

Even though the time it took for me to get from the back of the line to the store exit was just shy of 30 minutes, I left your store today with a smile.  In fact, I noticed most of your customers smiling.  One customer, after hearing a complete stranger comment that she hadn't been able to find the advertised bacon, offered this woman the bacon she'd already put in her cart and went to get more.  I think this was due largely to the guys with walkie talkies you had standing around the store, managing the queues and keeping things fair.  Again, I am impressed.

Each time a passageway was cut off by one of the many hard working resuppliers I encountered, the employee smiled at me and cleared the way as quickly as possible.  The checkers you employed were working quickly and efficiently but still treating the customers with respect.  You took what could have been a nightmarish experience and made it livable.

Thank you,
-- Me.

Dear Winco Checker Lady,

Thank you for working as quickly as you could to keep the line moving.  Seriously, I have been in so many long lines where the checker worked at a snail's pace, seemingly oblivious to the anxious and ornery line gathering behind her.  Your obvious dedication to doing your job quickly and well was very appreciated.  However, when you used your forearm to shove my groceries down the customer-operated belt, which I had not yet had the chance to activate, you punctured a hole in my cat food bag.  Just sayin'.

Thanks, I think.
-- Me.

Dear Me,

Don't ever do your regularly scheduled two week grocery shopping trip on the day before the Super Bowl.  Are you insane?

You're an idiot.
-- Me.