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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feeling Grizzly

Last night was my last Friday night to spend with the family until mid-May, and I wanted it to be awesome.  I was really excited that there was a Grizzlies game, because thanks to our Pass of All Passes, we could go for free.  Thanks to rehearsals, I've already missed a family outing to see the Grizzlies and one to see the Blaze, and I had gotten reports from both children and father that everyone had a good time.  So off to the game we went.

The second our pockets hit the seats, the whining began.

I just really want some popcorn.

I'm SO starving!

I had already explained we were being extra careful with our money, even trying to give Adam the grownup reasons why.  [Sidenote: if Congress doesn't pass a federal budget by April 8th, all non-essential government positions are essentially put on hold until the budget is squared away.  Last time it happened, people in Kirk's position missed 20 days of work.]

Alex moved from whining to manipulating.  Picture his big brown eyes all full of pout as he tried out, "If you don't let me eat, I will die."

"Prove it," I said.  Okay, maybe not my finest moment of parenting.

A few minutes later he finally came up with a retort.  "Mom and Dad, if I die, you will cry."

And then the threatening began.  "If you two can't just sit there and watch the game, we're just going to go home."

Of course, this ENTIRE time, I am wrestling Dylan who can't decide whether he wants to be up or down, who keeps trying to mooch snow cone from a girl one row up and two seats over, and who has a strange infatuation with blonde hair (pretty sure just because he never sees it) and so kept trying to pat the beautiful blonde hair of the not-so-patient woman sitting directly in front of me.

End of first 20 minute period.  I look over at the time clock, which is again counting down from 20.  I turn to Kirk.  "You mean 20 MINUTES of play followed by 20 MINUTES of not play followed by 20 MINUTES of play and then ANOTHER 20 MINUTES of not playing before we even get to the final 20 MINUTES of playing again?"

I decided right then that during the second intermission (probably not what it is called in sports, but oh well) we would have to suck it up and purchase a distraction in the form of popcorn.

Well, we made it through to 10 minutes left of the game.  I think I saw the puck move across the ice once or twice.  I did see one or two good fights that made it a bit uncomfortable to be there with my we-don't-hit-each-other-for-any-reason little crew.  I saw a little girl named Mya who made friends with Alex and Dylan.  I met one of Kirk's co-workers who got to sit and enjoy the game with her grown up children.  I saw the path from our seats to the bathroom/drinking fountain more than once.  I saw at least 50 steps of main corridor as we searched for Alex who had followed Kirk out without Kirk realizing it.  I saw the mother of a small family a few rows back completely embarrassed as her husband made a spectacle of himself the entire game.  And I saw my family, although whether or not I enjoyed it at all is still up for debate.

Next time, we'll get a sitter and take friends.


Sarah said...

Points for going out, holding firm on the popcorn, remaining by the not-so-patient lady in front of you, and making it thru many of those endless 20 minutes!
Sounds just like the "walking circus" that I repeatedly introduce my little family as...