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Monday, April 11, 2011


Every Friday, Saturday, and Monday night for the next four weeks, I'll cease to be Andrea and will instead take on the persona of Vivienne Hadley, daughter of the proprietor of the General Store in Claremore, a city in the Oklahoma territory.

Vivienne's father came from a long line of farmers with roots in Kansas.  When Oklahoma was opened to settlers in 1889, he moved his wife and young daughter out to this new territory to claim land of their own.  During their first winter, however, his wife took sick and did not recover, leaving him as a widower with a daughter to raise on his own.  Determined to give her a comfortable life, he sold his farm and established his general store.  Thanks to his hard work, Vivienne never wanted for anything, having access to the newest fashions and finest ribbons and materials that came through her daddy's store.  She was smart and full of potential, but her life of luxury did little for her character, leaving her selfish and vain.

Vivienne has many acquaintances but few friends, since she cares little for anyone other than herself.  However, her cousin, Ellen, a hardworking farmer's daughter, believes in Vivienne's few redeeming qualities, and Ellen and Vivienne are best friends.  Vivienne is being courted by Slim, the son of the wealthiest farmer in the territory.  Vivienne counts on Slim being able to maintain her luxurious lifestyle, but what Slim sees in Vivienne is still a bit of a mystery.  Although she may have ulterior motives for allowing Slim to court her, Vivienne truly is fond of him and enjoys his company.

Vivienne and Laurey Williams used to compete in the pony races at the fair (Vivienne won, of course), and a bit of a rivalry developed.  Used to saying and getting exactly what she wants, Vivienne can't relate to the games Laurey and Curly play.  In addition, she doesn't like sharing the spotlight, and since Laurey is so well loved in the town, a true friendship is unlikely to develop.

When Will Parker shows up with a $50 prize from the fair, Vivienne is forced to reconsider her relationship with Slim.  After some brief flirtation with the idea of greener pastures, however, Will chooses Ado Annie, and Vivienne finally realizes she sees more in Slim than just potential for a comfortable future.  When Ado Annie catches the bouquet at Laurey's wedding, Vivienne realizes she actually loves Slim and is ready to plan their future in the new state of Oklahoma.

If that's not the Oklahoma! plot you're familiar with, I guess you'll just have to come see the way I perform it. :)  Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays from April 15th to May 14th.  Details and tickets at


Evette Mendisabal said...

I have to confess, I'm not familiar with Oklahoma! at all, but it sure sounds like fun!!