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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before Forty

It shouldn't bother me to turn 30, but I'm not going to lie.  It kind of does.  I think that's mostly because 20 was so incredibly great.  I got married 6 weeks before that birthday, and I spent the following 10 years doing the greatest stuff I've ever done.  I mean, at 20-something, I gave birth.  Three times.  I played both of my dream roles.  I graduated with a bachelors degree and a 4.0.  I shared literally countless hours at one table or another playing games with Kirk (and many other friends).  I gained two brothers-in-law.  I bought a house.  And the list just goes on.  I mean, the 20's - or at least my 20's - were pretty exciting.  Decisions to make.  Adventures to choose.  What if it literally doesn't get better than that?

In some ways, I feel like the choices are done.  I have the husband, the kids, the degree, the job, the house, the theatrical opportunities.  My groundwork is all laid.  And that's great.  But...

I love the journey.  I'm not so great at destinations.  I love the rehearsals and actually get bored by performing.  I'm so into the process that I often don't even think about the results.  And I'm a bit bothered by the thought of a decade of destination.

So here it is - my great plan to make sure I can look back at my 30's and see more than laundry and stages and students and dinner and routine.  In the order in which the ideas came to me, my "40 BY 40" list:

1. Read the "missionary library"
2. Take our family on a cruise
3. Buy a motorcycle or a convertible
4. Go skydiving
5. See a musical on Broadway
6. Get a masters degree in education
7. Take a photography class
8. Take a tap class / learn the time steps
9. Learn more about autism
10. Do work in each of the Utah temples
11. Make a childhood photo book for both me and Kirk
12. Write my personal history through age 18
13. Audition at Hale, Centerpointe, Pioneer, and Desert Star Theaters
14. Go to a show at Tuacahn
15. Cook a turkey
16. Memorize the 100 scripture mastery scriptures
17. Learn to repel
18. Write a musical
19. Read "The Chronicles of Narnia"
20. Plan a Nelson/Norris family reunion
21. Make missionary and armed forces plaques for the boys' rooms
22. Have a $0 balance on all credit cards
23. Get a passport
24. Go skiing
25. Complete and submit foster care forms
26. Learn three classical piano pieces (well)
27. Learn to play a new instrument
28. Take golf lessons
29. Learn to make/use fondant
30. Create a physical representation of our Scottish ancestry
31. Take a trip to visit Steph
32. Sing Karaoke - for real
33. Start a used book collection
34. Start mission funds for the boys
35. Go to an art gallery
36. Buy an un-crappy camping trailer
37. See a TMJ specialist
38. Xeriscape the front yard
39. Do something really cool for Kirk
40. Make a good recording of Grandma Casdorph's "Annie and Willy's Prayer"

Some may be easy.  Some I planned to do anyway.  Some I've always talked about doing.  And, knowing me, some probably will just remain dreams.  But with my groundwork laid and my foundation sure, I'm ready to rock my 30's!


Miss Megan said...

Happy belated birthday -- I'm so sorry I missed it, but I hope it was a great one!

This list is a great idea. Have fun working on your goals. Your 30s do sound like they just might be as exciting as the 20s were!

coryshay said...

Awesome list! Happy belated birthday by the way. Hope it was great!