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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Buddies

I mentioned it yesterday, but I was just as thrilled when these two new best buds continued to play side by side all morning.  Okay, maybe it is a bit annoying that they've figured out how to go through my linen closet to get into my bedroom when I tried to lock them out.  Perhaps I'm concerned that my two trouble-makers have joined forces and managed to escape downstairs with a whole container of cookies yesterday.  And their closer proximity was definitely instrumental in Dylan's fingers getting closed in the back door this morning.

But to see Alex offer a hug and a kiss to a sobbing redhead?  To watch said redhead (who shares nothing) offer one headphone, completely unprompted?  To see them sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with no screaming, whining, or disgusted grunting involved?

So worth it.


Kris said...

Moments like those are SO precious.