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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Impressions

Adam waited anxiously as all his friends went back to school.  His new school, Navigator Pointe Academy - where I teach, did not start until yesterday.  Depending on the day he was apprehensive, excited, nervous, or grouchy with me for expecting him to change schools.  Thankfully, on the big day, he was just excited.  "Mom, I'm not scared or nervous or anything!" he announced to me as I did his hair.  He was also careful to point out just how daddy had taught him to line up his belt with his pants.

I saw him twice during the day.  I passed him once in the hall, and he smiled an adorably full-faced smile but dutifully remained quiet.  His class visited the music room, and I was very proud that he did not loudly announce that Mrs. Fife is his mom.

Apparently he also passed Grandma Casdorph in the hall.  She must be cooler than me, because he did say, "Hi, Grandma," to which she replied, "Hi, buddy.  But remember, there's zero conversation in the halls."

After school, upon careful questioning, he reported the following:

Favorite part of the day: "Recess"
Favorite part of the day besides recess: "Lunch"
Favorite part of the day in the classroom: "Mo-om, lunch was in our classroom."

He also mentioned that he didn't have many friends.  "At this school, I only had five friends.  At my old school, I had like ten friends."  But it wasn't in a complaining format.  He simply stated it as observation.  I encouraged him to give it a few weeks.

As for Alex, I explained to him that while Adam was gone, he would get to be the big brother.  He exclaimed, "You mean I get to play whatever games I want to?"

And Dylan has taken to following Alex around like a shadow.  I am loving this, because until this time, I wasn't sure Dylan knew Alex existed for any purpose other than to be screamed at.  This morning when Alex was pouting with his back against the door, Dylan turned around and backed himself up so his little back would be against the door, too.

And for me?  I love being the first person to see Adam after school.  Even if I am technically still at work, I can take a second to greet him and get his stories when they are fresh on his mind.  And we get the drive home as just the two of us.  

So first impressions of first grade?  I'd say favorable!


Kris said...

Adam is looking more and more like Kirk everyday. I'm glad he enjoyed his first day of school at a new school.