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Friday, August 19, 2011

That's Good

A friend of mine recently wrote a blog about a family camping trip in a style derived from "a picture book titled That's Good! That's Bad! where the events flipflop between fortunate fun and an unfortunate twist. One moment good. Immediately followed up with one moment bad. Then back to another moment good!"  Since reading her post, I seem to naturally frame life's unexpected surprises in a "that's good; that's bad" sort of light.

An email back from my boss to let me know what my teaching schedule will be next year.
That's good.
Realizing that schedule will not work for the babysitter.  
That's bad.

Getting to keep the 6th grade music classes this year.  
That's good.
Adding the 1st grade classes.  
That's... (well, I'm trying to be positive.)

Being informed I will be getting a $2 per hour raise because of my "grueling schedule." 
 That's good.
Said grueling schedule (1 class, lunch, then 6 straight classes with barely time to pee).  
That's - scary.

Getting to be Adam's music teacher.  
That's good.
Having to be Adam's music teacher. 
 That's bad.

Knowing I have time to process and organize and figure out and plan because school doesn't start until August 30th?  
That's just plain awesome.


Sarah said...

We've got to focus on the good, right! Good luck getting it all figured out by the 30th.