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Friday, August 26, 2011

Different Is Good

Every summer, the sun turns the last 3 inches of my hair a light golden brown, many shades lighter than my roots, and I end up looking like I used to dye my hair and just let it grow out awkwardly.  And so, at the beginning of most school years, I spend $3 on grocery store hair color and match the ends to the roots.  In adventurous years, I sometimes go darker than natural.  But this year, I finally got up the guts to do what I've always wanted to do.  Red.

I had planned to choose a very safe, very brown auburn.  But I took Kirk to the store with me, and he urged me to be a little more daring and try this one, titled "bright auburn."  I took one look and thought I'd end up looking like Ariel.

I went ahead, though, and colored it. It turned out a gorgeous color, definitely the brownest red could possibly be, and I LOVED it.  Then I washed it, and it faded.  You could barely tell I'd even done anything.  I read the box again and noticed that it said for hair longer than shoulder length, you might need two bottles.  Thinking the color didn't take due to a lack of saturation, I tried one more time.

It took.

And I felt like Ariel.

But Kirk assures me that it looks good, and after convincing him to take a few pictures, I think I'm liking it.  (It looks a little more kool-aide red in person.)

Well, it's fun, and it's spunky, and it's different.  In this case, I've decided different is good.