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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back in the Day

When I was asked to answer several questions about myself as a Junior High student (for a teacher spotlight board at the school), I was understandably reluctant.  Junior High was not a great time for me, and the questions seemed to highlight my weaknesses.  I considered prettying up the answers, but then decided that an accurate representation of one who struggled through that time might be just what the students would like to read.  So I answered honestly.

I knew I'd made the right decision when my boss thanked me for my spotlight paper and said she thought many of the students would appreciate hearing my answers.

I got my paper back today and decided to share that same honesty here so that someday perhaps my own struggling Junior High kids might see that it wasn't all roses for Mom, either.

So here it is, an expose' of Andrea, the Junior High version.

1.  I enjoyed reading, and my favorite genre was fantasy.  Anne McCaffrey was my favorite author then, and she is still my favorite now.

2.  I disliked "busy work."  I struggled to complete assignments when I did not see a clear purpose.

3.  It is hard to say what my teachers thought of me.  I attended three different schools for Junior High, and the different teachers at each school probably thought different things.  The teachers I liked probably thought I was hard-working and smart.  The ones I didn't like probably thought I talked a lot.

4.  My favorite subjects were math and choir.  Although I have always loved reading, literature, and English, I did not really enjoy these classes in Junior High.

5.  My grades were good, but they were not as high as they could have been if I had worked hard to do my very best work.

6.  My best friend varied year to year as I changed schools, but the best friend I made in 9th grade was my best friend all through High School.  The rest of my friends were people who had similar interests and values.  I met them either through school or through my church activities.

7.  I struggled a bit with honesty.  I wanted everyone to think I was smart and talented, but I didn't always work hard enough to be as good as I wanted to be.  I learned some difficult lessons during Junior High about being honest with myself, my parents, and my friends.

8.  My parents thought I was capable of anything I put my mind to, and I think they were frequently frustrated when I chose not to do my best work.

9.  My dream was to become a writer.  I even rode across the country on a bus to get to a summer Journalism camp.  Although my dreams changed, I still enjoy writing and do it as much as I can.


Kris said...

I don't think anyone truly enjoys junior high. And if they do, they are few and far in between. Way to be honest. I'm sure the kids appreciated it and felt like they could relate.