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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Buried Treasure

Perhaps this post is best started with the announcement that the revolving doors of the Fife household have once again accepted house guests.  This time around, we're landlords, with paying renters making use of our extra bedroom and sharing the guest bathroom.  Lee and Mariah, thus far, are no trouble at all to have around, and we anticipate no trouble in the future.

A side effect of moving aside to share with others is an increased need to evaluate and re-vamp the storage areas of the house.  Closets, garage, living room ottomans, all needed a big makeover.  It was one of those it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better projects, and for about two days, my house looked like Hurricane Katrina had come through.

But the game room closet now appropriately houses sewing and craft supplies, the downstairs shelves have been reorganized so that I can easily see which clothes will next fit Adam, Alex, or Dylan.  There's a specific box for Easter stuff, the guest bathroom stuff is tucked away, and the shelves are moved the 18" to the left that Kirk has wanted to do for years.  My music is now upstairs in the living room storage ottomans, within a few steps from the piano as it should be.  The dust is settling, and I feel inner peace of knowing there's a place for everything (though I rarely take that statement to the next step; just knowing there's a place is good enough for me).

The best part of the journey was that, though I am not a "keeper of stuff," I found several buried treasures through my journey.

From the ottomans (and I have no idea how it got there):

A letter from my mom - I am certain one of those Trek-inspired letters, but a great letter nonetheless.  My favorite excerpts:

"Your countless hours of practice on the piano have really paid off.  Do you remember when you first began I used to tell you that you needed to learn to play well enough to be of service to the church?  Well we could not begin to count the hours of service that you've already given, and I'm sure that you will continue to serve the Lord with your music for the rest of your life."

"I'm glad that you've always been a happy and busy daughter of God.  Continue to participate in everything and to encourage those around you, and the Lord will continue to bless you for your efforts."

From a back corner of the game room closet:

Kirk's notes in his planner outlining how to get to my house to pick me up for our first date.  Be sure to read the long house story to understand the significance.

A birthday card from my then-friend now-brother-in-law Brett Larsen, sent from his mission for my 20th birthday.  I can't really seem to choose a favorite excerpt, so here goes:

"Dear Andrea,

Well, this card isn't the same as it was in the store, somebody must have switched cards with me while I was paying for it.  The more I read it the stupider it gets, so I'm going to quit reading it and start writing.  Sound good to you.  Good.  Well, you are no longer a teenager.  It sucks huh, I wouldn't know cause I haven't even made it to the teen years mentally yet.  But I've been told it sucks.  Yes I'm in a weird mood.  Why, you ask?  Well, I don't know.  Maybe cause the guy we live with is a little weird, he woke us up at 4:00 in the morning watering the cement right underneath our open bedroom window.  Maybe cause I just saw a drop dead gorgeous girl at the store and I couldn't even flirt with her.  Maybe cause I got a shot in my Butt yesterday and it has hurt to sit down ever since.  (I could give you more details on that, but I'll spare you!!  Ok maybe I'm just plain weird.  Wait a second, this is your birthday card, not mine, on to you.  Well, I haven't seen you in a year, so I don't have a whole lot to really busy you about.  And your married, so I don't want to peeve your husband by making up some story.  And I can't even celebrate your birthday with you cause you happen to be quite far away from me at the time.  So I guess that all I can really do is tell you to Have a Happy Birthday! and I'll be there in spirit.  And another thing I can do is quit rambling to you can you can have your birthday make out session.  No not with me, you're married, that's a sin.  Take care.  Elder Larsen."

Chuck-E-Cheese pictures were Kirk wasn't even in the same picture as me.  That one brings a self-explanatory smile.

Heartfelt Christmas cards from my generally emotionally unavailable sister Michelle, specifically outlining what a great husband I have.

From the Storage Room:
I located my old quadruple combination scriptures and decided that since Adam's reading has vastly improved, it's probably time for him to take real scriptures to church.  Cleaning them out for him, I came across a fun reminder from at least 12 years ago.  Those of you who've known me that long will enjoy it.

No, I'm not a keeper of stuff, but it was fun to find these items hidden among my years of accumulation. I'm glad I kept them if only to rediscover them yesterday, scan them in, blog about them...

and throw them away.


Kenedijs said...

Wow... Michelle mentioned children? I must have just missed that phase.

Kris said...

What great treasures to stumble upon! And way to open your house to more people. You guys amaze me!