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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I had certain expectations when the kids decided to try out for Oliver!  Most of those expectations were right on the money, but I've had plenty of surprises.

I expected at least a few nights of reminding them that they made a commitment and needed to go to rehearsal.
But never once did either of them complain, and I never heard as single groan or "I don't want to go tonight."  Even last week when they spent over 22 hours in rehearsal over a six-day period.  Once, even though he had permission to miss for his baseball game, Adam almost chose to go to rehearsal because he didn't want to miss the new choreography.

I expected Adam to struggle to keep up with the choreography. 
Instead, the choreographer has told me that Adam is her rock.  He has consistently come home with prizes for being the kid with the most energy on stage, for making his entrances on time, or for being the one who remembered the dance the best.  I'm so proud of him for being a leader in a group of older kids.
I expected Alex to drive the cast crazy.
But they love him!  I can't walk into the theater without being told how cute he is.  One of the men told me his wife would love to take him home.  Even though he exhausts me, he's charmed them, and I thank every one of them for that.
I expected the logistics of the show to overwhelm my "little" kids.  
Will they be able to make their entrances?  Can they remember to change their own costumes?  Will Adam be able to handle looking out for himself and his little brother?  I think I needn't have worried.  When Adam says, "No, Mom, I'll be able to get my shoes tied in time.  'Consider Yourself' isn't until Scene 5... that means I have three whole scenes to get my shoes on..." I figure I've just got to trust that he's got it under control.
I expected that we'd leave the show behind with pictures and memories as souvenirs.
Instead, Adam got a new lizard (caught in the desert by his cousin Colton), and the boys collaborated to name it Oliver.  I think that's a pretty high compliment to the show; while it has been fairly all-consuming for the month of June, the boys enjoy it enough to want to continue the fun at home.

We've learned some lessons about being the parents of little actors, and I'm certain the performances will bring a few more surprises, but I think my kids are ready to take the stage by storm.

Come see Oliver! (the show, not the lizard) June 22 - July 21 (Fri, Sat, Mon) and see if Adam and Alex surpass your expectations.  (Tickets during the first two weekends are buy-one-get-one-free if you say "Oom Pah Pah.")  Really, who would want to miss this...


Sarah said...

A lizard named Oliver! Lucky you. ;)
Fun to read what you're noticing as you are committing to support their commitment to the show. I'm sure both boys will nail all that is expected of them. Enjoy smiling proudly from the audience seats.

Becca said...

Your boys always amaze me! They are such a joy to work with, they pick up on choreography so quick and are so well behaved. I have enjoyed getting to know them during Oliver. And they are so adorable.