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Monday, June 25, 2012

So You Want to Work for CASSCO...

My dad recently hired a couple new guys to replace his workers who are moving on to other things (like my brother moving on to his mission in Bolivia).  As is often the case, he's hired friends and acquaintances of mine.  As Kirk and I were talking about the guys who will be starting in the next few days, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of things every CASSCO employee should know. I brought up the idea last night around the game table, and between my dad, Jack, Chris Kennedy, Kirk, Michelle and me, we came up with a pretty decent list.  We also laughed.  A lot.  And told a lot of stories that wouldn't make sense to anyone else.

I know not everyone's going to laugh at this list, but enough of you out there have been a proud employee of CASSCO at one point or another.  If you can laugh at the words "smoke break," groan in remembrance of the Wheeler grime, or tell a story that starts, "Remember when so-and-so was driving the forklift," please enjoy the list and leave your additions in the comments!

So You Want to Work for CASSCO:

1. Rule #1: Don't fall.  Rule #2: If you fall, you're fired.

2. If you hold your hammer more than half-way up the handle, you'll be called a Canadian.

3. Don't put away Charlie's tools while he's still using them.

4. Definition of a hammer = whatever you can reach.

5. A morning shower is just a waste of time.  (And you might want to invest in some industrial cleaner.)

6. If you challenge Charlie, he will accept.  And he will win.

7. "All I hear is 'blah, blah, blah... I can drive anything."

8. There's always a way.  Get a bigger hammer.   "Hit it like it owes you money."

9. "Using what we like to call... the right way."

10. If you're not bleeding, you're not working.

Good luck to the new guys!  You're part of OUR family now... MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


Logan Gifford said...

I wasn't worried one bit until the evil laugh at the end! Thanks! ;)

PhilHall said...

I always remembered it: "Rule #1: Don't fall. Rule #2: If you fall, you're fired before you hit the ground."

In truth, I will never find a better employer. Hard, dirty work? Yes. But there's something to be said for an honest day's labor for an honest wage, working for a man who wants me to be happy, healthy, and pursue my dreams outside of his company. Thank you Charlie.

PhilHall said...
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