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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I May or May Not Be...

I may or may not be lying on my belly on the floor behind my kitchen table, typing as my computer rests on the cool air flowing through the heater vents.  I may or may not frequently find myself doing so in order to prevent my computer from overheating while I'm trying to get it to run multiple programs at once and bounce around as much as my overloaded brain seems to.

Fine.  I'll be honest.  I am definitely doing that, and if you can picture it, you should.  I think the best part is that my legs stick out from the final chair about a foot and a half, and if I had some cool striped socks and some ruby slippers, I'm pretty sure I could do a great Wicked Witch of the East impression.

Although there are plenty who would probably report my impression has been just fine lately, no special socks needed.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm trying to be nice.  I'm just tired and stressed and lying on the kitchen floor blogging while I wait for a publicity video to finish processing so I can post it before bed tonight.

So to anyone who might get the fun honor of having to talk to me face to face in the next three days, remember the visual you just conjured up and use it to laugh off whatever terse reply I may give to your very valid questions, and I promise to finish the wicked witch act as soon as Beauty and the Beast opens on Friday.  Or at least by Tuesday when I catch up on all my homework.  :)

Oh, and since bragging almost always makes me feel better, check out the poster I designed for my show.  I'm actually really glad this fell to me at the last minute, because I enjoyed the project!

Now picture me falling asleep on the floor.  Because that might just happen...