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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Just Reminding You

My morning went something like this:

Adam: "Mom, I'm just going downstairs for a little bit."  {pause}  "Don't forget to call me up when it's time to leave."  {pause}  "I'm just reminding you because of when you left me here last week..."

And I have no leg to stand on because I did, in fact, drive to an EYT rehearsal without him last week.  That morning went something like this:

{me standing in the center of  what should have been 67 children}

Lisa: "Hey Andrea, did you forget to bring Adam today?"

{me turning bright red and realizing I forgot to bring my son to rehearsal}

A Random Student: "Who's Adam?"

Me: "Um... my son.  Ya know... Adam..."

Lisa: "Don't worry, mom is going to bring him over."

And then there's a conversation I overheard yesterday:

{me hanging out with Dylan, who had come to a few hours of rehearsal}

Belle: "Oh, Mom... this is Andrea's adorable little son.  Not the one she forgot at home that one day, another son."

Great.  Apparently when you forget your child, news spreads.

Thankfully, despite forgetting Adam, getting an average of maybe four hours of sleep each night, and various sore muscles and bruises from long, crazy choreography rehearsals, EYT is going incredibly well.  Everything is choreographed and nearly everything is blocked.  Just a few more pieces to plug in, and it will be time to run, run, run.

I do want to invite everyone to come to the show.  It will only be about an hour an a half long, so it's a great first exposure to theater for little ones.  The show runs Fri, Sat & Mon from August 17th to Sept 15th.  And as long as I remember to take Adam to the performances, he'd love to see you there!


Fountaine's said...

So what is the performance?

Logan Gifford said...

Haha that explains what belle meant. And it's Beauty an the Beast Jr.

Sarah said...

Funny reality! When it's not me, I guess. :)

I'll try and see if we have a free night...the girls would love to see see a show like. Meg STILL asks if/when we can go see "Into the Woods" again. Well...we can't see that one really...