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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?!

For the full affect, you'll have to imagine me jumping up and down in my bedroom as I finally received an email I had been checking obsessively for all day.

"Hello Andrea!
You and another student have been selected as student speakers for our 2013 commencement."

Not just any commencement, by the way, but my commencement.  The one where I will receive the Master of Arts in Education degree I have worked so hard to earn.  And since I still have a cumulative 4.0 in the program and I get to speak at graduation, I have decided to crown myself valedictorian. 

Okay, okay... it's not an honor University of Phoenix is actually bestowing upon me (they don't do valedictorian), but it is just kind of fun to reward my personal dedication with the idea that standing up in front of everyone means I earned something colossal.

But now I am just letting my ego get away from me.  In reality, I am incredibly honored that the speech I submitted was interesting enough to get me a live audition, and that the six-person panel liked me enough to offer me the opportunity.

And that I get to have a bio in the commencement program.  How cool is that?!  But I am kind of at loss of what to put in a "real people" bio.  I doubt they'd appreciate if I submit my most recent theater bio...

I've decided to wait until May 4th (graduation) to "unveil" my speech here on the blog.  My plan is to set it to post at about the same time I will be delivering it live.  But I'm gonna give the bio a test run:

Andrea Fife is honored to add Master of Arts in Education to a Bachelors of Science in Marketing degree.  Andrea's primary occupations include teaching music to elementary students at Navigator Pointe Academy and raising her three young sons.  She also enjoys being the program coordinator for the Empress Youth Theatre program in Magna, directing the mainstage productions at the Salt Lake Dickens Festival, and writing regularly for the Utah Theatre Bloggers Association.  Andrea hopes that her classmates, friends, and her immediate and extended family know how much she appreciates the support and time they have given to help her attain this goal.


Kris said...

Way to go! That's an incredible honor and I know you'll do an outstanding job. Can't wait to read your speech!

Sarah said...

A huge congrats on that! 1-for jumping through the hoops required to get through the needed schooling. 2-for earning the best grades possible while juggling a full life beyond. 3-for having the writing voice and perspective we all love, here, be recognized and voiced aloud for others to hear on such a huge day.
GOOD LUCK and, again, congrats!!