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Sunday, March 31, 2013


[I apparently wrote this in February but didn't click publish for some unknown reason.  I'm thinking maybe I'd had intentions of attaching a picture from when I was 24 and then got busy.  Oh well, here's the post...]

I don't read everything that people post on Facebook.  Most of the time, if it is any sort of a tag-post, I skip it entirely.  But I love to read the age posts.  I think it is so interesting to hear people reflect on a year gone by, and comment on it using their present-day goggles.  And since I enjoy it, I liked a tag-post, and now here I am, using the good old blog to complete my tag because, well, I can write more here, and it's slightly more private.

So here it goes.  


My initial thoughts are that I have no initial thoughts.  What was I doing at 24, exactly?  Quick math equation: 1981 + 24 = 2005.  Okay, that helps.  So 24 would have gone from September of '05 to September of '06... hmm... still nothing.

Here's a few things I wasn't doing (because I had just finished doing them):
  • Having a baby (Adam)
  • Getting my bachelor's degree
  • Settling into our new house
Oh!  Finally!  I just thought of something actually pivotal that happened when I was 24(ish).  I quit my job so I could be a stay-at-home mom.  And then I couldn't pay the bills, so I started working part time teaching music at Challenger.  Both of those decisions (to put being with my babies as a priority & to use my talents to make up the difference) led me to where I am at right now with a great part-time teaching job that lets me be mom in the mornings and Mrs. Fife in the afternoons.

It is highly possible that this was the school year that my sister Lisa lived with us.  (Though that may also have been 25...)  If so, that was a pretty awesome time and helped Lisa and Adam forge a still-strong bond.  

What I mostly remember about 24ish is that I was a laid-back sort of happy.  The kind of laid-back that only comes when you get to focus all of your motherly attention on just one little person.  The kind that comes when you can make your daily decisions for the good of mom, dad, and baby, without having to balance so many needs and wants into the equation.  The kind that comes from learning how to make a home.

But it must not have been that great, since I really can't remember it!  :)