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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Those Aren't Classics... yet!

At NPA, my students get the opportunity to perform once each quarter at a schoolwide Sing Around.  The first quarter performance is my favorite, because I get to select patriotic music.  The second performance is my favorite because I love teaching standard and contemporary holiday music.  The third performance is my favorite because I get to enjoy the rhythms of folk songs and spirituals.  But the last performance really probably is my most favorite, because I teach the kids music about music, about joy, or just plain songs that I like.

One sixth grade class gets to sing one of the most beautiful balllads ever composed: "Somewhere Out There."  I knew the second they saw the title, they would be overcome with excitement and appreciation.  Well, until I realized that An American Tail is an 80's movie which none of them have ever seen.

And that led me down a line of reasoning through which I realized it is my responsibility to expose my children to the great animated films of my childhood.  A Land Before Time.  All Dogs Go to Heaven.  And certainly An American Tail.

I will likely regret this, but after a several month hiatus, Fife Star Cinemas will be reopening to bring 80's classics into the next generation. 

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Sarah said...

Bought both Land Before Time and American Tale to watch in the van during the LONG Arizona roadtrip. Was the first time my kids had seen either. Realized I needed to let them see the good ones I used to love!