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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Worth the Wait

Adam turned eight back in January.  We did the whole dragon cake and Thai food thing, but we knew we were putting off the big deal part of the birthday until April because, when given the opportunity to be baptized right away or to wait until April to share the occasion with Aunt Lisa and new cousin John, his decision was simple.

Besides the obvious joy of getting to see all my kids become captive audience to Aunt Lisa's talk on the Holy Ghost (using a stoplight visual aid to increase focus and comprehension) and getting to share the weekend with John's blessing, I am really glad we waited.

February Adam was ready to be baptized.  But April Adam is somehow so much more grown up.  More wise.  More reflective.  Just somehow, more ready.  And our family was more ready, too.

With a few months of primary under his belt, Dylan announced to me on baptism eve that, "My Am is getting baptized tomorrow."  I confirmed his statement, and he continued.  "My Am is getting baptized in the temple."  Though not exactly accurate, I was amazed to see Dylan's comprehension that both baptism and temples were special, and both had something to do with church.  To see him make the connection between the two showed me that his spiritual understanding is far more advanced than I would have given him credit for.

And since we were all so ready, the weekend went off without a hitch.  Here are a few of my thoughts from Adam's big day.

  • Adam is very lucky to have huge extended family support.  Knowing they couldn't attend the actual baptism, Great Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came from Idaho to visit him earlier in the week.  Great Grandma Fife was one of the first to arrive on the big day.  And Great Grandma and Grandpa Casdorph drove all the way from Arizona just three days after Grandma's most recent chemotherapy treatment to be there for his special day.  With Great Grandpa Casdorph, Adam was confirmed by three generations of his family including his dad, three uncles, two grandfathers, and one great-grandfather.
Adam with Great Grandma and Grandpa Casdorph

  • Adam has a beautiful testimony.  He has written it down for us during the two most recent fast and testimony meetings.  Unable to stand in front of a whole congregation to share it today, he allowed me to read what he'd written from the podium.  A compilation of both written testimonies: "I know the church is true.  I know that Jesus lived.  I know the prophets lived.  I know that baptism is important to Jesus.  I know that prayer is very important because there is no other way to talk to Jesus.  I know that fasting is hard.  I know that when you are baptized, your sins get washed away.  I know that whey you are confirmed you get the holy ghost.  I love my family and my cousins and grandpas and grandmas and uncles and aunts.  I love my friends."
  • Adam is so grown up.  He always has been, from the day he was born.  Now, taller, with glasses, and with the spirit of the Holy Ghost around him, he just amazes me every day.