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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Not as Trapped

With Princess Ty and Aunt Michelle around, I'm not as BoyTrapped as usual, and I have to admit it has been nice.  Recently when the Fife girls got together for their anti-SuperBowl girls' night, I stole a beautiful niece to attend with me.  (Michelle loves football and chose to watch the game.)

Although Tyler comes from a 50% girls family, she's definitely BoyTrapped most of the time.  She lives with my circus.  Her closest cousin (and long distance buddy) is also a boy.  She's given her heart to her daddy, and she has Uncle Kirk wrapped around her finger.  So it's kind of nice to think that if she ever needs some girl time, she's got "Anna."

As for the boys around here, they seem to get along just fine without us, too.  (Uncle Kirk isn't actually sleeping.  He's just resting with Ryder investigates his watch.)

Have I mentioned I love living with an adorable niece and nephew?

And that I miss this adorably photogenic guy ALL. THE. TIME.?