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Thursday, February 27, 2014

TBT - Stories Behind the Pictures 02.13

Thanks to a series of unfortunate events occurring more or less at the same time, much of 2013 is in danger of being lost to me.

{the series}

  • I was over scheduled and consequently not blogging much.
  • My computer was stolen in September (and I lost about a year's worth of pictures).
  • Kirk didn't have his phone's pictures backed up, and he didn't think to transfer them when he got a new phone in November.
But the silver lining lies in the simple fact that I had, at least, discovered Instagram.

Each time I would snap a quick picture and distribute it to the masses via the easy platform, I felt guilty.  There was a story behind the picture.  One I should have been telling using WAY too many words, as is my style.  But I clicked and cropped and published and hurried on.

Now I'm glad I did. 

Here is a more permanent archival of all things February 2013.

Original Post: I really needed this surprise this morning. Thanks, hon!  Kirk and I aren't particularly romantic.  You'll find no grand February, anniversary, or birthday gestures at our house, and that is how we like it.  In fact, as we watched several of our friends end up disappointed as Valentines came and went, I was once again grateful to have been proposed to over ramen noodles.  I knew what I was getting into, and Kirk knew that when I say, "I really don't need anything," that isn't code for, "Please go overboard in trying to come up with some extravagant holiday plan."  In looking back on last February's post, I am happy to see evidence of our simple ways.  A sticky note stealthily added to my computer screen at home so I would see it at work.  Perfect. I love you, too, babe!!

Original Post: Reasons why it is hard to date a 5 year old.  This has apparently become a February tradition, considering I recently posted a nearly identical picture of Dylan asleep on the way to the same theater.  Part of my gig with the UTBA has become that I'm a bit of a resident Young Audiences reviewer.  It works out perfectly, because I get to take my Young Audience members to see the show.  The boys have come to look forward to our "dates," and I've discovered that it's actually a great genre of theater.  The theaters who are doing it have money to put into the productions, so the production quality is high.  I've yet to hear an out of tune lead or microphone issues at these productions, and honestly, I have the attention span of a 6 year old, so the shorter shows are perfect for me, too!

Original Post: Showing off his reading skills to Grandma (and providing little brother with some storytime).  One of the magical things about Kindergarten is the world that becomes available when you learn to read.  Alex took to it more quickly than Adam did, which wasn't really surprising since he was always the one more likely to grab a book and snuggle with Grandma.  I am grateful for a family that will drop everything to read to my kids (or in this case, to be read to).  It's also interesting to look back at what kind of a book Alex was reading a year ago.  Now, he reads each morning - with relative ease - from the Book of Mormon.

Original Post: You may think this says, "Wo, wo." But in tonight's scripture study, we shared much giggling after Adam read, "Woo, woo unto Jerusalem..."  Speaking of reading from the scriptures, that is a habit we tried to start last February (it didn't take).  I actually remember as a kid reading our scriptures in the car as a family on the way to school.  One morning, Lisa mispronounced "Amulek" as "Alma-Yuck," which - to this day - I giggle about silently whenever someone mentions the correct pronunciation.  Well, "Woo, woo," has definitely become my family's "Alma-Yuck," as the kids now giggle every time one of them has to read the word "Wo" in the scriptures.  Think about it.  That's a lot of giggling.

Original Post: I am computing over the vent (on fan) again with the intent to keep my computer from overheating while I ask it to do the equivalent (according to a troubleshooting forum) of conducting an orchestra with a baton and - with that same hand - playing a fiddle. Come on, computer... you can do it!  Ah, the cursed Values Assembly.  When February rolls around, I get a little extra stressed as the audio-visual end of a major school assembly falls to me.  Thanks to the great programs available from Adobe (and a husband who finances my hobbies), I am able to mix the music and video to create some pretty cool stuff.  But my former computer (the one now stolen) just couldn't handle it.  I am glad I finally gave up on HP.

Original Post: Watching Alex double check the pictures to verify his read-aloud comprehension just makes me beam with pride. Each kid has different talents, and reading is one of his!  Another book!  It is plain to see what I was excited about last February.  Now I'm excited to see the big brothers passing along this love of reading to Dylan.  Last night, I had to delay bedtime by 15 minutes, because I found all three boys huddled together around a book.  Sleep is important, but I am a firm believer that a love of reading often comes from watching the examples of others.  Well done, Big Brother and Tiny Brother (Dylan never uses their names) for teaching Dylan that books are fun.

Original Post: Bob. More about him very soon at  I actually followed through and introduced Bob to the world.  So all that is needed now is a Bob update.  Sadly, we don't see much of Bob anymore, but when we do, he is frequently accompanied by his newer buddies, Hank, and Baby Bob.  In reality, Bob is the reason I blog, because if I didn't take a picture and write it down, I would forget the specific stages involved as my kids turn into real humans.  I am grateful to have at least one picture of what was a really big deal in Dylan's life for awhile.  Hopefully when the next "Bob" moment comes along, I'll be ready with pen and camera in hand.

Original Post: Why yes, I do have the best mother-in-law ever. Two tickets to a touring Broadway production plus some cash for goodies! Thanks, Mom!  I took Michelle with me to the show, and unfortunately, we didn't really end up enjoying it.  For people who enjoy the style of music, it was probably great, but we both got pretty bored even before intermission.  However, it was fun to see the touring Broadway level production quality, particularly the amazing effects that can be accomplished when money doesn't appear to be an issue.  Someday, I would love to have season tickets to a theater like Capitol so I could love or hate really expensive productions.

Original Post: Breakfast in the car got a whole lot more practical when Alex informed me of a secret compartment for cups. Who knew?  Want to know the best part about this picture?  Today, I re-discovered that my car has a secret compartment for cups.  Want to know how many times I've used them in the last year?  None!  That's the best part about having a terrible memory; I get to discover exciting things over and over and over again.  A year from now, I'll probably read this post, see this picture, and think, "Oh yeah!  My car has a secret compartment for cups!"  It also means that Amy gets to tease me when I don't recognize the name of a major character - two weeks after book club, and that Kevin has to prove to me - with photo evidence - that I've played a certain game at his house.

It's not the essay I would have originally written about each picture.  I've lost the opportunity for back story, for context, for nuance.  But thanks to Instagram, I haven't lost the memories.