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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today, Alex turned the big:

Seven and Eight Hundredths!!

We didn't really do anything big to celebrate, so I guess I'll just post the pictures from when he turned seven.

He was pretty excited when he saw an invitation to a party on March 12th.  He was significantly less excited and actually pretty annoyed when I told him it wasn't a party for him, and that Mom and Aunt Michelle would be going to a birthday party without him on his birthday.  

To lessen the sting, I made special pancakes to start his day.  Everyone at X pancakes, and Adam and I sang to him before school.

We waited until the weekend to have a proper celebration, inviting everyone over for the traditional cake and ice cream.  He got to pick his own cake, and he really challenged me this time!

Remembering that Adam's Cyrpus request ended up getting him a pirate character for Disney Infinity, Alex chose a cake that would easily lend itself to the figure he had his eye on.  He selected a robot from The Incredibles, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  It was tricky to figure out how to do the tentacles, but I was very pleased with my last-minute idea.

 However, thanks to Grandma Tess, my super awesome cake wasn't even the highlight of the night.  Alex finally got his Birthday Coupon!  The kids look forward to getting one of these for their birthday, and this one is Alex's first.  It means he gets to sleep over at Grandma's and choose the whole next day's activities.  Now he's just counting down until summer when Grandma prefers to have the coupons redeemed.

It seems like so much less of a big deal compared to an important milestone like 7.08493, but Alex's seventh birthday was pretty awesome!


Kris said...

Great job on the cake and I love the birthday coupon idea!