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Monday, June 23, 2014

Girls Camp Eve

Apparently I was excited to attend Girl's Camp for the first time and wrote about it in my journal in 1994:

Camping in a tent - crowded with 10 people
Sleeping in a bag - I don't think I'll sleep well.
Eating frozen food - cold and not so great.
But all that is wonderful, after you wait.
Sometimes camp is tiring - sometimes not quite so.
And the bathroom really stinks - but you've got to go.
Tricks don't seem appealing - when they're played on you,
But playing them on others is a fun thing to do.
Also you learn stuff - like how to build a fire.
Or live without that communication thing - a telephone wire.
I am only 12 so I've never been before.
But I think Rough Camp has more fun in store!

Here it is, 20 years later, and I get to go to Girl's Camp as a leader.  I'm all packed, and I'm interested to see if my nerves let me sleep tonight.

I hope I packed everything.
I hope I won't miss my boys like crazy.
I hope I can remember the melody to the camp songs well enough to pass them on to another generation (turns out I only remember the harmonies).
I hope I can go four days without shaving my legs.
I hope I like the food.
I hope I can match the energy of all our new beehives.
I hope I won't go through withdrawals without my phone.
I hope I will have a great time, but that the girls' time will be even better.

Here goes...