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Monday, June 30, 2014

Some Pictures I Didn't Take and a Video I Did

I wish this post was starting with a picture of my car in the parking lot of Scorez Sports Bar, parked in the twilight with its drivers side door wide open.

If this post started that way, it could continue with the story of how Amy had debated whether she should bring her "old lady" purse into the bar or leave it in the car.  And how, after I had promised to lock the car, she had decided to leave it.  And how, when she asked if I had locked the car and I pushed the lock button again just in case, the headlights didn't flash.  And finally how, when we walked back toward the car, I discovered I'd walked away with my door wide open.

If I had told that story, it probably would have been pretty funny.  (I did actually take a picture of that particular moment, but it is somehow missing from my gallery.)

I wish I'd taken my phone out a few times at the bar to more accurately document a first for me.  Yes, I am 32 and have never been in a bar.  Correction.  I am 32 and had, until Friday night, never been in a bar.

I wish I'd taken a picture of the pile of clothes left on the floor of my closet that didn't make the cut as I tried to pick out an outfit that seemed to fit both the categories of faithful-LDS-mother-of-three and someone-who-doesn't-look-ridiculously-out-of-place-in-a-bar.  I texted Amy to ask what a Mormon wears to a bar, and thankfully her second response, "Just wear what you would wear anytime you are going out to a play or whatever," was a lot more helpful than her original, "It depends whether that Mormon wants a guy to buy her a drink or not!"

I wish I'd taken a picture of the 7UP and Coke we ultimately ended up getting for free because the bouncer who tried to ring us up didn't know how to handle an order of just soda.  After asking another employee, he just told us to go ahead and take them.  :)

I wish I'd taken a picture of the creepy guy with a cigarette behind his ear who came and sat at our table, attempted some ridiculously awkward small talk, and did - in fact - offer to buy me a drink.  Guess I chose the right outfit.

I wish I'd taken a picture with the 50-something woman in the ridiculously short pink skirt who seemed willing to dance with anyone with legs - which ended up including me and Amy.  Ultimately, I think she was the reason I ended up having a great time.  If no one cared how stupid she looked, surely I could get up and try to dance a bit.

I wish I'd taken a picture with the band, or at least with Violette Femme (Amy Dalton) and Molly Crew (Michelle Davis) who were the only reasons I was at sports bar in Lehi until 1:00 a.m.  At least I took a picture of them, but I wish I had one I could caption, "We're with the band."  By the way, Violette Femme is pretty hard to get a picture of because she's pretty much always moving!

Mostly, I wish I had taken a picture with Amy so I could post it and say how grateful I am to have a friend who can make the most random outings seem like the best night ever.  I don't know too many people who would have dealt with my seriously awkward first hour and then dance like a fool with me for the last 2 (even if we didn't know the song).  Not to mention driving clear to Lehi to see my sister sing and not getting home until 2:00 a.m.  I'd like to have a picture that would prove that I'm pretty lucky to have a friend like her.

But mostly I was having way too much fun worrying about whether we'd have to get up and dance to evade smoker-dude, dancing like fools to "Hey Mickey," being a ridiculously proud big-sister, and people-watching, and I just didn't end up taking many pictures.  Hopefully next time (and there will be a next time!) we can get a bigger group together, and I can remember to document my slightly less impressive 2nd time at a bar!

And for those of you who want to know what you missed, I did manage to record most of one of Michelle's solos (in the interest of full disclosure, she mostly sings back-up).  Enjoy Molly Crew singing "Black Velvet."