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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

33 Days of Happy

One year ago today, I got an email from my best friend, Logan, who was currently serving an LDS mission in Chicago.

"So here's the thing, right now is rough Andrea. And I just need something happy. Will you send me something happy? Pictures from the new house, a recent blogpost, anything really. Thanks! Love ya!

-Elder Logan Gifford"

I replied:

"Let me know if this gets super annoying. I kinda wanted to do this thing everybody is doing on Facebook. But I hate those sorts of things, because they clutter up everyone's news feed. So instead my hundred days of happy is going straight to Logan. I had actually already taken a few, because I was trying to think of a cool way to do this. So here's what I have already, and there will be more. Unless you say I'm an annoying distraction."

He gave the green light to my plan, and what followed was 33 days of happy.

Day 1:
I designed these cool screens to cover my TV when we are not using it. I designed them, and Michelle thing to them. And I love them.

 Day 2:
We saw this bunny yesterday while we are walking to church.  Dylan said "I didn't know we were going to see a bunny."

Day 3:
I see so many beautiful skies on my way to work.

Day 4:
I saw this in the store the other day, & I really wanted to buy it. I have really been enjoying decorating my house. It's kind of calming in a way.

Day 5:
FYI I don't guarantee that it will be 100 consecutive days days of happy. But I will send 100 days. And then I will go through and download all the pictures I sent to you, and retroactively do 100 days of happy blog post.

That's going to be a pain.

This is a picture of the product label for my new Smart TV. Its all Samsung all the time at our house.

Day 6:
The front of my mother's day card from D.

Day 7:
Even though it is nowhere close to finished, having a place for the boys is awesome.

Day 8:
The time my sister in law reposted this with the status "It comes natural."

And I HAD to comment.

"I tried to resist, but I just can't seem to hold it back. It comes "naturally."  'Cause it's an adverb. Sorry!"

I may pay for that one. I hope it was worth it.

Day 9:
When Alex sets the table for breakfast for everyone, without being asked

Day 10:
I am the proud mother of a kid with a cursive license. :)

Day 11:
The camera that came with our new alarm system lets me keep an eye on Alex when he's the only one home.

Day 12:
Living close enough to spend a lazy Saturday morning at Skye and Michelle's and getting to see poor, sick Ryder laying on a pillow like this.

Day 13:
Dylan is feeling left out at the eye doctor this morning. He says he needs glasses because "red sometimes looks like pink" and that he can't see in the dark.

Day 13: (the 2nd, because I can't count)
When we moved, Roxie took a particular liking to the boxes and box lids. Wanting to makes her feel at home, I put a nice soft towel in a lid for her. She won't touch that one, but sleeps in an empty adjacent box each night.

Day 14:
Everything about this. That my sister would take him swimming. That Kirk beats me home and gets to spend some time with the Pickle. That technology let's me see this, too. That this ginger is mine.

Day 15:
Watching the siblings of two of my favorite missionaries perform and receive awards (best senior alto and best senior tenor) at Cyprus' last choir concert.

Day 16:
When my class scores above state and school averages in 4 of 6 categories on their writing assessment (and at the state average in the other 2).  Did I mention I am new at this? :)

Day 16 (again):
Reviewing for UTBA. I wouldn't normally drive an hour to the show I know nothing about.  But in this case taking that risk meant being an awesome show.

Day 17:
Sunday night is now Disney Night at Skye and Michelle's. Tonight we're watching Wall-E.

Day 19 (to make up for the double 16):
Knowing that all these papers are graded. Which they aren't. But when they are I will be really happy. :)

Day 20:
This shadow. The kid's not so bad either.

 Day 21:
Eating the classroom emergency supplies because they won't keep until next year. :)

Oops... I missed a few days.  But here it is.  Room 23. My home next year as a full time 5th grade teacher.

Day 22:
It's like Christmas when Grandma cleans out her classroom.

Day 22 (yeah, I suck at this...):
When a cheap yard sale find means games at the picnic table.

Day 23:
After we fed the missionaries and took them to get frozen yogurts at Menchie's, Adam asked the missionaries to ride bikes with him.

Day 24:
I drove home from church to grab something really fast, and I ended up here. Not my house.

  Day 25:
When a warm summer rain means sitting next to Dylan under the "berella" at the baseball game.

Day 26:
I just noticed this tree gives gorgeous morning shade to my picnic table. Things like this happen all the time at the new house. I know Heavenly Father wants us here.

Day 27:
I don't have to do this again for 10 months.

Day 28:
Kind of having a sucky day. So here's my store bought happiness.

Cuddly brothers.  'Nuff said.

Day 30:
My random children (in this picture they are apparently statues).

Day 31:
Spent the last 3 days at girls camp with the meese.

Day 32:
When Adam asks if he can bring a book along for a car ride.

Day 33:
Kirk got sunburned today and then shaved. Now he looks like he's wearing makeup because he shaved and his beard had protected the bottom half of his face.

On Day 34, instead of a quick picture, I ended up sending a long message and a video that would turn out to be the last email I sent to "Elder" Gifford before he returned from his mission:

Jack's homecoming was today, and my family got together yesterday to practice the song we were going to sing today.  As I sang the same words I've sung countless times, they suddenly had all new meaning.  I asked my family if I could send you a video of us practicing, and of course they agreed.  Please ignore the fact that I'm in a hat and pigtails (we'd spent the day at an air show at Hill Air Force Base) and that Michelle looks like the 80's threw up on her (she's singing with Channel Z, an 80's cover band, and was on her way to a gig).  Ignore also the fact that my mom and Lisa managed to stand outside the video and that my dad couldn't practice because he had a migraine.

Instead, think of this:

I always thought of this as meaning prayer, but I realized for the first time yesterday that it's not prayer at all that the song is talking about.  

"In the presence of the King, bow the knee."

Whatever happens really is God's plan.  And it might be REALLY hard.  And I wish it didn't have to be.  But God does know.  He knows how much it sucks.  He knows how much you hurt.  And He has a purpose.  I know he does.

"In the presence of the King, bow the knee."

Give in.  Not to Satan.  Not to temptation or to laziness.  Not to giving up. Give in to whatever the Lord has planned for you.  Don't fight so hard for control.  Bow down and let Heavenly Father know that you are ready to live His plan.  And whatever happens, He is here for you.

Stay strong, but not so strong that your Father and Brother can't help you.

I set out last May on a quest for #100daysofhappiness, but that really isn't enough for me!  I am eternally grateful for the Plan of Happiness and the knowledge that all that stuff I sent to Logan last year is just as true for me!

33 days of happy?  Nah!  I'm shooting for eternity.