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Friday, May 22, 2015

Just Call Me Addison

A fun little name generator ran on the TIME website earlier this week, and after running my own name, I was curious to see the names of others in my family.  Just for fun, here are the results:

Andrea Kirk Adam Alex Dylan
Today Addison Cash Colton Elijah Christopher
2000's Mary Alvaro Vincent James Luis
1990's Brittney Tracy Spencer Robert Travis
1980's Christine Ron Johnny Jeremy Derek
1970's Debra Reuben Henry Thomas Aaron
1960's Carolyn Elvis Howard Kevin Roger
1950's Virginia Armand Edwin Donald Carl
1940's Marie Major Mike Edward Earl
1930's Ruby Dewitt Maurice Paul Francis
1920's Grace Gustave Sidney Walter Anthony
1910's Beatrice Asa Horace Harry Theodore
1900's Mattie Son Earnest Walter Elmer
1890's Jennie Seth Dan Walter Benjamin

In other words, if we'd been a family in a different decade, you might stop by to have dinner with Ruby, Dewitt, Maurice, Paul, and Francis Fife!