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Monday, December 17, 2007

IRS Update Finally!!!

So to bring people up to speed on what has happened let me recap past events. The IRS emailed me in August to see if I was still interested in a positions. I replied with yes I am. Then In October they called to see if I was interested in an interview. Unfortunately, I am not able to bring my phone into my work so they left a message. I called them back and said that I would be interested and to call back and let me know when to schedule for the interview. About a week later I hadn't heard anything so I called again, a week later nothing so I called again. A couple of weeks later I still hadn't heard anything so I called again. After another week or so I still had not heard anything so I contacted a friend of mine that works there to see what is happening. He emailed me back and let me know that there are 6 positions that they are hiring for and 12 people on the list. My name was on the list of 12. So I left it at that.

Today I get out to my car after I got off work and found I had a message on my cell from the HR department in the IRS with a 215 area code. I called them back ready and excited to find out when I get to interview so I can get this whole thing done with. Much to my surprise the HR person said we would like to offer you a position in the Salt Lake branch as an IRS agent. Talk about a surprise! I always thought you would interview for a position before hired. I mean I took an assessment test back in May and interview with two people at the same time after the test. Being that it was a long time ago I thought it would mean I interview again to help narrow down the field. Fortunately I was wrong. I was also expecting to be offered the Grade 7 that would be about 35K a year since I applied for the grade 7. So I was totally prepared to negotiate pay so I didn't lose money since I make more than that. To my surprise they offered me a grade 9 position which would start at 43 something. Well that was the 07 rates. The HR rep said I would actually start at the 08 rates which would be hire. So that means instead of switching jobs and making less I am going to switch jobs and make a little more. Now keep in mind that his is a tentative job offer. My finger print analysis and previous 3 years taxes must come back before it is an official offer. That should be no problem since I file every year on time. Plus I have not criminal record.

My start date will be January 22nd, on my birthday, how cool is that. I will be in Phoenix that week for my training and then I don't know where I go for training after that. Anyway I am super excited about this. I just can not wait until it is an official offer so I can put in my notice at work.


Jay said...

Congrats man that is awesome maybe now we can talk about you buying a gun lol.

Unknown said...

Congrats. That is so cool. We will have to talk more about it at the Wii party.

Kris said...

Wow! I am SO excited for you guys. I'm sure it'll be official soon. You guys totally deserve something like this. We are happy you'll still be in Utah so we can still play together. Keep us posted!

Andrea said...

Congrats, honey. I am really excited for you to get to try something new and exciting.