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Thursday, December 20, 2007

More IRS news.

So I just got my next email from the IRS in the hiring process. It was pretty much just to tell me what to expect, mostly, for travel. I know what day I will be leaving and what day I will be returning. I also found out what I need to wear while I am there in Phoenix. So now I have my hotel reservations done. A few things I found interesting is they will not pay for a car rental. That's okay though cause the training place is only two blocks from the hotel. Plus if I really wanted or needed a car I can always see if Andrea's grandparents will let me borrow a car. I may see if they will have me over for diner while I am there. Another surprising thing is they said I will get a computer and roll away back that I will take with me. I take that to mean they are giving me a laptop for work, nice. The last thing that was interesting was that they will just give me a check for the hotel, per diem, and money for random expenses.