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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Family or School?

So I am faced with a very difficult decision. I just found out that my graduation is on May 3rd. The problem with that is that Michelle is getting married on that day as well. So I am now faced with a decision. Do I miss walking in the graduation ceremony or miss the wedding? I really do view Michelle as a sister and Sky as a brother so I really want to be at the wedding. At the same time I have worked hard for years to get my education. It feels good to know that after this I am done. Walking will give me such a feeling of accomplishment and that I have actually succeeded at something. I really wish I didn't have to make this decision.

On a side note the Blaze play that night as well.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Go to the wedding and give us the Blaze tickets! ;)

Andrea said...

You already know where I stand, but for everyone else who might read this, here it is.

Michelle totally understands why you would want to walk, and she is totally fine with that. I think leaving the reception early for the Blaze game would have been fine were it not for the graduation issue. Out of respect for the wedding and the people in it, I think you should walk in your graduation ceremony, then spend the rest of the day with the family. However, I will support you in whatever you choose.

Kirk said...

Wikth the fact that I will not e able to attend the wedding that changes things as far as the reception. I was only going to leave the reception early because I would have been there for the wedding. Given the new situation I will be there for the receiption and I will have to find someone to take the tickets. I know that will be a very hard thing to do since it is appearant that Jay does not want the tickets. Right now it is dependant on what the school does. I hope they can fit me into the ceromony. I would really hate to miss it because I have worked so hard to accomplish the MBA. Honestly I didn't think I could do it but with the help and support of my wife I was able to get it done.

Unknown said...

My boys would love to see a football game. And don't forget all the times I babysat for you and all the future times you'll need someone to watch the boys. (yes I'm pulling the babysitter card)