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Sunday, March 9, 2008

One Week Down

So I have now completed one week of training. The training itself was not bad at all. Pretty easy stuff so far. It is kind of nice because from day one the instructors, there are three of them, decided that I know electronics. So now if there is any question about PDF or something else in the classroom that has to do with electronics they immediately turn to me for the answer. That is definitely different than in Phoenix when I tried to help with a program and was completely ignored.

I went to the local ward today for church. It was a really small ward, in fact I think it was on the edge of being a branch. The think I thought was really cool is the amount of black people that were in the ward. I really wish when I went to church at home that I saw more blacks in the ward. I love to see that kind of diversity in a ward. I realize that is hard to do given the demographics I live in but you get the idea. I was talking to a recent convert, he was baptized in 2003, and he was telling me that the ward is going to the visitors center in Independence. He asked if I would like to go. I told him I would love to go cause I really wanted to go see some of the church history that is out there. So next weekend should be a lot more entertaining for me. Other than that not a whole lot to update everyone one.

I miss and love my family a lot.