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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Civil War

My mom took our whole family to the musical Civil War at Hale Theater this afternoon, and it was amazing. Unfortunately it was closing night tonight, so none of you will get to take my advice to go see this show. The music was written by the same people who wrote The Scarlet Pimpernel, which is one of my all-time favorite musicals at least as far as the actual music goes, and the composers did not disappoint. The whole show was very emotional as it dealt with the stories of a few soldiers on each side of the war as well as some of the slaves.

My favorite scenes/songs included a dying soldiers last words in a letter to his father and a wife's story of when she lost her husband (a Union soldier) in the war. My overall favorite aspect of the show, though, was any time that the Union and Confederate soldiers sang together in an ensemble. These men were amazing. I do wish I could have gone a week earlier so I could have seen Merrill Osmond in the starring role, but the guy we did see was amazing.

I have decided that when the curtain call makes you want to bawl, the show was definately worth seeing. I felt like I was clapping not only to say, "Wow, you were all amazingly talented," but also to say, "Thank you for impacting my life. I will always remember the emotions I felt today."


Andrea said...

On a side note, Adam once again bawled when we left him home today. We ended up calling the sitter a half hour later and telling her to just put him down for a nap because he was stilling screaming hysterically at the garage door.