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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thanks, Friendly KIA Guys

There's nothing quite so great as a flat tire on a blizzardy day. (Yeah, blizzardy.) Fortunately, Kirk had warned me that the jack in my car was damaged, so when I realized my tire was flat I quickly racked my brain for options. 1) Pull over to the side of the street and be helpless until someone brought me a working jack. 2) Call Kirk and make him come rescue me. 3) Try to make it to the KIA dealership I knew was just off the freeway exit and hope for some help and a dry spot to park the car. I went with option 3, and I was not disappointed. I parked my car under a sales tent and went into the service department with my damaged jack to ask for help. The nice service manager sent a guy out with a lift who changed my tire for me. I know I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself (and I've even done it in the snow before), but not without a working jack. So, thanks to the friendly guys at KIA for turning my crisis into little more than a hiccup in my day.


Anonymous said...

Ya know...KIA drivers, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, seem to have an amazing bond amongst themselves. Sounds like their commercials are really true.