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Monday, April 7, 2008

Tax Audit Through the Eyes of the Revenue Agent

So I just finished my first audit. Well the interview process of the audit. I understand that the person I was auditing was scared to death because lets face it we don't jump for joy when the IRS notifies you are being audit. I know this because my 2005 and 2006 taxes are being audited and since I am an employee I will be selected for audit from time to time. Much different than a less than 2% chance of being audited as a normal tax payer. So anyway I was completely nervious and at a complete lose as to what I was doing. I just faked my way through it. I have a rough idea of what is going to happen from here on out on the return but honestly I am still pretty lost. I guess that is why I have a trainer. I am sure that as I do more it will be easier and it will not make me so nervious. As far as advise to those out there that may or will be audited I have this to say. If you have made an honest attempt to file your taxes properly, have your paperwork showing how you came up with the amounts you used, and have a good arguement on why you chose to file that way you will be fine. The auditors for the most part are not hard butts looking to stick it to you.


Anonymous said...


Congrats on completing numero uno. I just saw a movie about an auditor (Stranger than Fiction), and i know what you're missing in your workflow:

You've gotta count everything. Tooth brush strokes, steps to work, etc.