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Monday, December 1, 2008

Andrea Needs...

Andrea needs to actually write a blog with some substance. But that's not going to happen today. You can check back later in the week for pics of the advent calendar I'm going to make today, but for now all I have to offer is a fun tag I saw on Jami's blog:

Andrea Needs: Basically how this works is I typed "Andrea needs" into a Google search bar and came up with these fun morsels:

Andrea needs me close to her heart (actually a YouTube video... but not worth watching)
Andrea needs sleep… badly (always true)
Andrea needs help fast!!! (hmm... not so true. Life's actually pretty good right now.)
Andrea needs numbers! (here's a stretch for this one. Today I will be making the numbers 1-25 to go on my new advent calendar. So yes, Andrea needs numbers.)
Andrea needs some help coming up with stalker songs. (um...)
Andrea needs a profession in which she can express her inventive and idealistic side (got one, thanks)
Andrea needs needles color pattern by undergroundrailway (again, um... apparently there are some weird Andreas out there)
Andrea needs to revise her paper now (no thanks. Done with school)
Andrea needs a cheerleader outfit with a big “O”, pom-poms and short skirt (though I can't think of a useful application, it does sound fun)
Andrea needs change (quite the opposite; Andrea is loving life right now and is afraid of the changes she may have to make to keep it going)
Andrea needs to know (oh, there is so much I need to know, but I'd settle for knowing how to keep Alex out of trouble)
Andrea needs to be extremely more careful (always true; as my dad says, I'm missing the self-preservation gene, so I always have to be careful)

Well, that was fun. Seriously, though, I'll try for something real next time.


Unknown said...

I am sure Kirk can think of an application for the cheer leading outfit. I crinkle the tp by the way.