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Friday, December 5, 2008

Blaze Ticket Upgrade

We've been Utah Blaze season ticket holders since the very first year, and we have loved it. Here's a brief history of our time with the Blaze:

Season 1: I got Kirk season tickets for Christmas (2nd row upper bowl, kind of in the corner). I wasn't interested in going, so I sold the second ticket to each game to a different one of Kirk's friends or relatives. I ended up going to one game and loved it.

Season 2: I refused to give up my seat to any game I could attend. Due to scheduling conflicts, I made it to 4 of the 8 games and again I loved it. Adam and Alex also came to a game or two, and they loved it. (Okay, Alex was a newborn, and he slept through it).

Season 3: They reduced the price of our season tickets by almost 50%, so we decided to get 4 seats instead of 2. We figured in the future the kids would want to come, and I had already decided I would not be giving up my seat for them. The two seats next to us were not available, so we were moved to the opposite end of our row; hey, 10 seats closer to the 25-yard line is 10 seats closer. Woohoo!

Season 4 (upcoming): I got a call today from the Matt at the Blaze, and he told me that they're doing a promotion on season tickets, and to be fair to those of us who've already paid, they're offering free upgrades. So, for $56 per seat a season (that's 8 games), we'll be sitting on the 2nd row of the upper bowl at about the 20-yard line. (Remember that the 25 in arena football is like the 50 in NFL). Not only that, he says we'll be able to renew next year at the same price!

Don't forget that we have 2 extra seats to each game (except the one or two we'll take the kids to). So start sucking up now!


Jay said...

You guys are my best friends ever!!!!

Kris said...

We would definitely want to go again with you guys. We'll have to figure out if we want to bring Brielle or have his parents watch her for the evening.

Matt L. said...

i am the matt that set you up with your seats.. our director of communications found the blog and passed on the blog address. sorry about the cancellation of the 2009 season. hope you guys come back in 2010!