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Sunday, December 28, 2008

"I Have a Fat Belly!"

I've told this story probably 10 times already, but I'll tell it once more here.

On Christmas Eve, Kirk and I were busy wrapping presents at my mom's house (she hates wrapping), and Adam had gotten in trouble several times for trying to sneak into the room where we were wrapping. When I heard a little knock on the door, I was quick to tersely respond.

Me: "Adam... is that you again?"


Adam: [in a much lower than normal voice] "No." [Pause] "I'm Santa Claus."

Me: [Stifling laughter] "Adam, you are NOT Santa Claus."

Adam: [still in a low voice] "But I have a fat belly! Ho, ho, ho."

Kirk and I just laughed and laughed. Later, my brother informed me that Adam had stuffed his blanket up his shirt. I guess he really wanted to get into character.


Kris said...

What a character! Adam is always making me laugh. By the way, we'd love to hang out as well. Let's do it!

The Fife's said...

How funny. What a cute little boy!!

Heather said...

andrea you need to call me i have just what you need for the food issue you are having seriously call me i will come over or you come over i have something to show you. Thank you for what you said on my blog. we will always be friends and still want to do the swap..... thank you for your friendship.... ok seriously don't forget to call me.... happy new years