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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Change is Coming

A few months ago, I was having a really rotten day, and I just couldn't seem to pull myself out of the bad mood. Kirk randomly suggested that I go to the grocery store, buy some hair color, and dye my hair. I know it would have cheered me up, but I listed off several reasons why I wasn't going to go through with it right then. I jokingly told him that he could go to the store for me, though, and that I'd dye my hair whatever color he got for me. He didn't go that day, but we've kind of joked about him picking a hair color for me since that day.
Well, Monday night we headed out to Walmart for a few odds and ends, and ended up in the hair color aisle. After seeing my reaction to the idea of blonde, Kirk just HAD to pick blonde for me. No offense whatsoever to blondes, but I come from a family of brunettes, and we just kind of like it that way. So besides the fact that I think my eyebrows are going to look awfully silly, I'm just not prepared to be a blonde. But a deal is a deal, and I told Kirk I'd try whatever color he picked. It only cost $2.97, and if I look completely ridiculous, it will only cost another $2.97 to change it back to brown.
I did think really carefully about the timing, though, so I still have approximately 33 days until I go blonde. I want the pictures at the hospital with the baby to actually look like me, so I'm waiting until I get home from having the baby. Then I'll go blonde during the period of time when I'm really not going to be leaving my house much anyway. And I'll probably be back to brunette by the time we bless Dylan.
And so it begins... the countdown to one of the most random decisions of my life. Can I handle this kind of planned spontaneity? Let's wait and see.


Sarah said...

fun read.
good luck with that!

Rebecca and Nick said...

Oh, that is funny! And it should be fun, too! That's the thing about hair color, you can always change it. I go back and forth often, but I always find myself going back to my natural brown color.

Mertz family said...

andrea, I love reading all about your little adventures... I think you would look good blonde, but you never know unless you try right! That is crazy about how big your babies get espeically since you are so tiny. by the way I love your pregnant pictures jamie took, they turned out so darling. Good luck the next couple of weeks

coryshay said...

I love the "planned spontaneity!" Can't wait to see the new, blonde Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Hair is an accessory. As such, it's meant to be changed to suit your moods and whims. Go for it! Fun! I'm all about planned spontaneity. :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome :) We had to convince mom out of blonde a few times...