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Friday, September 11, 2009

Something to be Proud Of

I wish I'd taken a before picture to help illustrate how truly amazing this is. Kirk and I took a nothing-special-about-it bay window in our bedroom and turned it into this awesome little reading nook. The most amazing part, though, is that we did it ourselves!

I married an accountant. Translation: my husband is not trained for construction projects. And he married a whatever I am. Translation: I am not trained for "domestic" projects like sewing. But he and I have both been slowly increasing our skills with each project we try to do, and this time, neither of our fathers had to come to our rescue. (Although we did use them for a bit of advice, some tools, and a bit of lumber. Thanks, dads.)

The biggest challenge was definately trying to figure out the hinges (because the two center sections of the window seat open for storage). Other than that, the project went surprising according to plan.

The easiest part was making the slipcovers for the pillows. I expected it to be more of a project than it turned out to be. Maybe I'm just finally getting decent at sewing. I can almost even sew in a straight line these days!

I still hope that someday we can afford to just pay people to complete my crazy ideas, but I do have to say that finishing this project by ourselves is definately something to be proud of.


Kris said...

Like I said before, I'm quite impressed! I love the color scheme as well. I believe the colors are PERFECT for a master bedroom. ;-)

Nene said...

I want one! :) Makes me want to snuggle up and read!

Rebecca and Nick said...

I am very impressed! That's a big job to undertake. And nice work with the sewing! I need a machine someday, but am putting it off because I am not sure it will get used enough!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Wow. Look at you all grown up :) SO glad you're in the "mom of boys" club :)