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Monday, September 28, 2009

Field Trip

It's been a long 2 weeks waiting for the "Fire Fighter Station" field trip day to finally arrive. Hallelujah, the day finally came, and it was every bit as exciting as promised. As soon as we got there, the fire fighters were called off to an accident, but they promised that if we'd wait a few minutes, they'd come back and do the tour. So we hung out at the fire station for a while. It was well worth the wait. "Grandpa John," the station chief, obviously has some grandkids of his own and was great with the kids. He talked to them about having a fire safety plan at home, about smoke detectors, and about keeping their rooms clean so the fire fighters won't trip if they have to come and rescue them. The kids also got to practice crawling under the "smoke" to get out of the house.

Although Grandpa John was pretty entertaining, he was nothing compared to a real ride in a fire engine. Grandpa John split the kids into two groups, loaded them in the truck, and took them for a spin around the parking lot. Pretty cool. The last thing the kids got to do was my favorite. Each kid got to put on a fireman jacket and hat and spray the hose.

I'm already looking forward to Alex's turn at Jacque's Preschool!


Kris said...

What a fun day! Adam looks mighty fine in that Firefighter getup.