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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Good Reasons to Come See "Joseph"

Okay, I get that it's probably the most overdone show in the valley, and you've probably already seen it a million times.  But this production of "Joseph" packs a bit more punch than your average show.

Susan DeMill, the director and choreographer, is seriously one of the most talented ladies I have ever met, and it shows in the high-energy dancing throughout.  I have never danced the way I've been required to dance for this show!

The costumes, reportedly created for Cougarettes by a woman who didn't understand the word "budget," are truly amazing.  I get to wear 7!  And we're not talking just dresses, here.  Arm bands, gloves, collars, hats, a wig... we're talking the works.

Musically, I've gotten to work with some incredibly talented people including a the 11 teenagers we cast to make up our "Go Go Girls" who handle some of the more complex female harmonies throughout the show.  And they are amazing!

The cast overall has a fun personality aided by the fact that there are 3 married couples, 1 bro/sis, 2 brothers, and TONS of lifelong friends.  For me this includes Chris Kennedy (who I've known since he was shorter than me) and my best friend from elementary, Rosie {Simmons} Skinner.

And - tickets are only $7 which is a great price for such a quality show.  Check out the fun pictures I've included below, and then buy your tickets at

Not sure why I look so confused, but here is my regular "wife" costume.

We call this one "Gangster"

Go Go Go Joseph!

My stress out moment of the night - "Pharaoh Story"
"Cowboy" (with my cute "husband" and AWESOME 1st tenor, Mike)
And missing from my pictures thus far are "Calypso" and "Megamix" - yes there are more!  I would love to see you and your families in the audience!


Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

looks like so much fun!!!