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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Summer

This summer might be a little different than our last several.  Usually our free time is dedicated to "living in the dirt," but for a combination of reasons including gas prices and busy schedules, the camping bug has not really bitten me this year.

Instead, we are taking full advantage of our Salt Lake County Pass of all Passes, and despite the weather, have already been to Raging Waters twice.  The first day we tried out a few slides, but thanks to 60 degree weather mostly stayed in the heated wave pool.  Yesterday we explored a bit more of the park, spending time in the kids area and trying out a few more of the adventurous slides.  We packed our lunch (peanut butter and honey) and took a break to eat when the kids started to get whiny.

Each of the boys showed a preference for a certain activity yesterday.  Adam was determined to cross the rope.  Alex spent the day talking the ears off the lifeguards, a perfect audience since they aren't allowed to leave their posts.  Dylan avoided getting more than his toes wet.

I was perfectly content to hang with the kids or lay by the pool and read.  Dylan was perfectly content to provide me with a bit of shade.  Kirk didn't get to the slides too much yesterday but did at least test out the pink ones for us.

Kirk did talk me into trying a few of the more exciting slides before the season really gets into full swing and the lines get long.  The "Roller Coaster" was probably the best waterslide I've ever been on.

The only problem is that I don't quite weigh enough to make the slide work as designed.  They were actually gathering data yesterday trying to figure out the weight at which people were guaranteed to make it over the hump.  Apparently it is a weight higher than mine, because on each of my 3 times on the slide, I made it approximately 2 feet from the summit and had to claw my way to the top.

 Luckily there's a pretty awesome slide next to it which allows you to pretty much free-fall, so I can spend my summer getting my thrills on the green slide.  I won't be doing the yellow slide anymore.

The only thing missing from our fun-in-the-sun was some friends.  So if any of you are Pass of All Passes holders, let's go together... soon!


Case Family said...

when I come down this summer we will have to take all the boys and go. I haven't been their since I was in Jr high I think. That will be fun.

Kris said...

Yay for Raging Waters! We LIVED at water parks growing up.

Rebecca and Nick said...

I wish we lived closer! We'd totally get a pass. That looks fun!