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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Reasoning Skills

It used to be that Adam was the one to try to reason his way around things.  Alex has generally preferred to just scream or hit or bat his eyelashes to get his way.  (Charming, right?)

Not so anymore.

After being told he couldn't have anymore garlic bread until he finished the manicotti on his plate, I saw him over at the pan of bread.

Alex: "I just can't stop myself from getting one of these.  I just can't."

Me: "Well, you'd better stop yourself until you've finished that food on your plate."

Alex: "Well, my 'bwain' is just making me do it."

Me: "Then your brain is going to end up in the corner."

Alex: "Well, then you'd have to take my 'bwain' out of my head, and you can't do that."

Me: "No, I'm pretty sure your whole self would just end up in the corner."

Round 1 - point to Mommy

But I'm pretty sure there are MANY more rounds to come.


Evette Mendisabal said...

LOL Sounds like a conversation we would have in our house around this time of night!